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Workplace Mental Health Training

Stress, anxiety and depression are the biggest cause of sickness absence in our society. Mental ‘ill-health’ is responsible for 91 million working days lost every year and for this reason, workplace mental health training is a must.

Mental ‘ill-health’ in the workplace costs UK employers an estimated £34.9 billion each year

  • £21.2 billion on reduced productivity
  • £10.6 billion on sickness absence
  • £3.1 billion on staff turnover

Mental Health Training for Professionals

At Training for Life, our workplace mental health training and consultancy will help you to effectively manage employee wellbeing. We’ll help to find resolutions proactively and minimise the impact of mental ‘ill-health’ on work and life.

Alongside you, we’ll deliver workplace mental health training that compliments and enhances your existing wellbeing strategy – if you have one. If you don’t, our dedicated, professionally trained team of instructors will get you started and guide you through this process.

Using MHFA England accredited training courses, we teach delegates to spot the signs of mental health issues, offer initial help and guide a person towards support. We don’t teach people to be therapists, we teach them to become mental health first aiders (MHFAiders®). After training with us, delegates enhance their abilities to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis – and even potentially reach out to someone before a crisis happens.

Building A Mentally Healthy Workplace

The ultimate aim is to prevent people from becoming unwell.

For those who do, we have legal obligations that are covered in:​


‘Duty of care’ to protect health, safety and welfare of employees
(Health and Safety at Work Act 1084)

Assess risks from hazards at work, including work-related mental health issues

The Equality Act 2010 protects disabled people from unfair treatment, this includes many people with a mental health issue


Create a health and wellbeing strategy where physical and mental health are integrated

Mental health first aid in the workplace

Quality mental health training, underpinned by a robust wellbeing strategy, will give your team the tools to keep themselves healthy and support each other.

It can also help to:

  • Build employees’ confidence to have open conversations around mental health and break the stigma around workplace mental health
  • Encourage people to access support early when needed, for a faster recovery
  • Empower people with a long term mental health issue or disability to thrive in work
  • Promote a mentally healthy environment, stopping preventable issues and allowing people to thrive and become more productive
  • Embed a long term positive culture across the whole organisation, where employees recognise their mental and physical health are supported as equal parts of the whole person

Workplace mental health training courses

Benefits of a workplace MHFAider®

  • Meet the Core Standards 
    Help meet the recommended core standards for a healthy workplace as set out for all employers in the Government’s Thriving at Work report.
  • Quality Assured 
    Every MHFA England course is delivered by a qualified instructor who has completed our Instructor Training programme accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health. We are the only provider of licensed Mental Health First Aid instructor training in England.
  • Safe
    Our instructors provide a safe, inclusive learning environment and are trained to support people throughout the whole course.
  • Internationally Recognised
    You’ll be joining a global community of over 3 million people around the world who have trained in MHFA skills. In England, we have trained over 400,000 people.
  • Community Interest
    As a community interest company, our profits go back into driving our social mission – to spread mental health skills and awareness.
  • Evidence Based
    Our courses are written by experts, grounded in research, and tested by people with lived experience of mental ‘ill-health’. Research and evaluation shows that MHFA England courses make a lasting difference in people’s knowledge and confidence around mental health

Why not learn more about some of our other training courses or book your team’s place on one of our upcoming course dates? At Training For Life, we offer a wide range of other mental health training courses for a variety of purposes.

Could your team benefit from a skill such public speaking or personal skills, including confidence building? Maybe there are individuals interested in the adult MHFA course, or suicide prevention training? Whatever your requirement, embark on a course with Training for Life.

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