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Suicide First Aid (SFA)

Suicide First Aid is a programme designed to teach participants how to identify if someone is considering suicide. As one of the most preventable deaths, this course gives learners the knowledge and tools as a first aid approach to intervene and encourage someone with suicidal thoughts to stay safe and alive. If we all knew how to respond at the point a person asks for help, then perhaps most suicides could be prevented

Suicide First Aid Certification

Training For Life’s accreditation to the National Centre for Suicide Prevention Education & Training (NCSPT) means that we have the opportunity to upskill as many people as possible in Suicide First Aid skills.

NCSPT has forged and developed lasting collaborative relationships with many of the UK’s leading suicide prevention specialists, all sharing common beliefs and values. Our joint aim is to help reduce the suicide rates and promote better mental health by relieving the mental distress experienced by people with thoughts of suicide. Through working with businesses and communities, we will increase knowledge of where to go for help, and affirm current and best practice of front-line services: those most likely to encounter someone at risk of suicide. By raising awareness and challenging stigma, we will make it easier for people to talk openly about suicide, and find ways to keep safe and access help.

By providing community-wide and workplace mental health training, we will break down barriers and increase the numbers of people with the skills and confidence to help someone at risk.

City & Guilds 2022

NCSPT is the UK’s only developer and provider of internationally recognised SFA: Suicide First Aid accredited programmes. Suicide First Aid is an Approved Centre for the delivery of City & Guilds Assured and Accredited Units of Learning with over 10,000 other centres worldwide.

By becoming a City & Guilds centre, an organisation demonstrates that it has met rigorous quality benchmarks – it has a solid organisational structure and its teaching, assessment and administrative processes are proven to meet strict standards.

City & Guilds has over 130 years of experience in vocational education, having been created in response to the needs of businesses to develop a pipeline of well-trained talent.

With over 10,000 centres worldwide, almost 2 million individuals trust City & Guilds with their futures every year.

Creating employable learners

The City & Guilds brand is recognised by 99% of employers.

Our range of Accredited and Assured mental health training courses are built around employer needs so your learners are in a good position to find a job with a City & Guilds Assured or Accredited Unit of Learning.

Training for Life can assist you, or your team, in suicide prevention training. Book a place on one of our courses today.