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Funded Mental Health Training Courses

Are you looking at completing the Adult or Youth 2-day MHFA course or both?

We are in a privileged position to be able to look at offering some funded places on our two-day courses due to our funding streams and this process can be accessed by following these steps:

  1. Email info@trainingforlife.org.uk
  2. Provide contact details for your organisation
  3. Provide proof of CIC or CIO or other charitable status
  4. Provide background on the aims and objectives of your organisation
  5. Provide background on why you decided to set your organisation up
  6. Provide details of why you are unable to pay for all/some delegate places
  7. Provide details of how you will utilise the MHFA qualification upon passing the course
  8. Please confirm whether you are proposing to attend an ADULT or YOUTH course
  9. Please confirm whether we are already advertising course dates that you wish to be considered for, or if not, the month that you are hoping to attend a 2-day course
  10. Please confirm how many funded places you are applying for and how many delegates in total you are hoping to train

Learn more about our mental health training courses, or book on a training course today; we offer a wide range of MHFA courses to a variety of teams & individuals.

Are you looking to develop personal skills such public speaking or confidence building? Maybe you’re an individual adult looking to gain MHFA training or part of a team interested in developing workplace mental health first aid? Perhaps you work with children and want to learn about youth mental health first aid? Whatever your requirement, embark on a funded MHFA course with Training for Life.