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How to Support Wellbeing While Working From Home

Nowadays, hybrid working is extremely common. Although it does bring many benefits for both the employer and the employee, it can leave employees feeling isolated.

The lack of social interaction may cause loneliness which consequently have an impact on work performance. This is where My Whole Self can help. By choosing to bring your whole self to work and supporting your mental health, you can feel more connected with colleagues while working remotely.

Here’s how you can encourage bringing your whole self to work and support your wellbeing while working from home.

Adjust Your Work From Home Set Up

First of all, by waking up around the same time every day, you will be able to stabilise your internal clock and improve your sleep. This results in feeling less tired, more refreshed and better concentration throughout the day.

From here, make sure you are creating space between your home as an office and your home as a home. Get ready as if you are going to the office, maybe go for a walk before you start work for the day and set aside a work area separate from your sleeping area. Make sure this area is comfortable and clear of clutter, and always pack it away at the end of the day before moving out of the area for the rest of the evening.

Other Wellbeing While Working From Home Top Tips

  • Remove your work email from your phone to disconnect in the evening and avoid the temptation of replying out of office hours
  • Take regular breaks away from your screen; keep hydrated and try and fit some movement in where you can
  • Always make sure to take your full lunch break

Make Sure You Keep Moving

As mentioned above, trying to fit some movement into your work from home routine is a good idea. Movement is great for both your physical and mental health; you will feel more awake and alert, plus your concentration, sleep quality and wellbeing will improve while working from home.

Getting some fresh air during the day is extremely beneficial so, if you can, take phone calls outside or spend some time with mother nature on your lunch breaks or after work. If you are unable to go outside, you can add movement to your day by making sure you regularly stretch or take part in a home yoga video or online fitness class.

Connect & Communicate with Your Team

There are many ways in which you can nurture the connection you have with your colleagues while working from home. Keep your communication open with them as often and as frequently as possible. You can do this by:

  • Choosing to video call your colleagues instead of emailing
  • Implement regular check-in calls amongst your team so it becomes part of your routine
  • Enjoy some virtual social time with your colleagues such as a coffee break, virtual quiz or a tour of your working space
  • Communicate when you collaborate; if you’re working on the same document, stop and say hello to each other

Continue to Build Working Relationships & Strengthen Support

It’s important to stay connected with those you work with while you are working from home as well as making sure you prioritise self-care too. Use instant messenger to communicate with your colleagues and reach out if necessary; reach out to team members who aren’t in your immediate team as well. Spread kindness by showing you appreciate them or are grateful for them and check in with them to make sure they’re okay too.

Remember to check in with yourself as well. Try and talk to people if you are struggling as talking about your mental health is very valuable. This will encourage others to open up too, therefore bringing your whole selves to work. If your company has trained MHFAiders®, get in touch with them if you need to as they can offer support both in and outside of the workplace.

There is a multitude of things you can do to make sure you feel supported while working from home, your wellbeing is a priority and you can bring your whole self to work no matter where your office may be. If you are interested in becoming an MHFAider®, book on one of our courses today or browse our other mental health training courses to see what we can help you with.